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Ouidad Certified Specialist


Genevieve (aka) Bebe




















Since starting my career in 1990 and studying at the Lakme Color Academy in Barcelona to
Working side by side as a 4 yr apprentice for top stylist in SF .

Now running a co-op salon in Noe Valley and opening my salon in 2000, now here we are 30 years later!

My interest in multi cultural hair began by necessity I saw the need, to make a change for this demographic of clients. I still have clients in my chair that I met 30 yrs ago as they trusted me to work on them fresh out of training and for that I'm always grateful for their loyalty and believing in me.

I've accumulated many grey hair clients over the years & have mastered many optional variations of color for grey blending & using your natural color as a canvas.

My goal is to understand each individual with a very thorough consult. This conversation is key and I hope to 
bring easy uncomplicated hair maintenance to each individual that sits in my chair.



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Please note, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you do not contact us via Email or phone call, we will charge you half of the amount, of service fee. Thank you.


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Genevieve Potter Ouidad certified
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